Getting back on track

Hello fellow readers (or rather, non-existent readers),

If you didn’t know, I am a Japan enthusiast and I have travelled to Japan twice. There are many reasons why Japan is my favourite place in the world such as:

  • the politeness & gentleness of Japanese people/or anyone who lives in Japan for this matter. It is something I rarely encounter but in Japan, it’s cultural and everyone does it. They are so helpful and kind! (My grandmother tripped on a curb and her umbrella was blown away by the wind because it was raining so heavily, and a few people came forth to help my grandmother even though it was pouring and people were pacing back and forth so quickly! A guy even went to the extend of picking up my grandmother’s umbrella! SO KIND.)
  • the cleanliness of the surrounding, the air is the cleanest and their rivers are not polluted and you won’t find a single piece of trash anywhere on the streets!
  • their culture and customs. It is really unique and I love their way of living and doing things.
  • eye candy everywhere. Enough said.

Today I would like to tell you a few of my favourite places in Japan (over the experiences of two trips!) and when you want to visit Japan, please consider these places!

Recommended places: Kyoto (Kyoto is more traditional and less advanced than Tokyo but it is best place to sightsee because of the countless numbers of temples and the beauty of the environment is to die for and the weather is breezy all day long. Transportation in Kyoto is mainly bus instead of train. There is also a hotel that practices traditional Japanese lifestyle like tatami and bathing in a bathhouse and I loved living there! It is about a 2-hour ride from Tokyo using the bullet train.)


  • Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku & Ginza (for the shopaholics),
  • Akihabara (this place is a legitimate heaven for fans of anime, manga and J-pop),
  • Asakusa (there is a temple here where everyone goes to pray and a market that sells goods at really reasonable prices)
  • Ueno (for the beautiful greenery & also the zoo),
  • Yokohama (go ride the Cosmo ferris wheel! Apparently it’s the world’s largest ferris wheel, and I’ve ridden the largest. ferris. wheel in the world, how cool is that?! There is also a cup noodles factory there where they talk about the history of cup noodles, and you can even make your own!),
  • Tokyo Skytree (when in Tokyo, you cannot miss this – the second tallest building in the world. The view upthere is absolutely stunning!),
  • Shinagawa (for the serenity and peace of the less advanced area and two very cute aquariums!),
  • Odaiba (this is where the huge Gundam statue stands and the breathtaking beauty of the sunset here is striking and something you wouldn’t wanna miss!),
  • Shiodome (on the way to this working district, you will see the incredible structures of buildings that surround Tokyo and you will pass by a rainbow bridge which is really, really beautiful, also it is really near to Odaiba so you could put Shiodome and Odaiba in one slot!),
  • Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea (relive your childhood by entering this magical and fantasy world that will make you feel young and free again! The wait for everything is worth it and I guarantee you will have so, so, so much fun)
  • Hakone & Owakudani (it’s a long journey to this place but it’s definitely worth the hours because you get to see the mighty Mount. Fuji right opposite and a ferry and bus ride to take you sightseeing! On the peak of Owakudani, you get to eat sweet potatoes and crème brulee ice cream!)
  • Osaki & Hamamatsucho (if you’re looking for hotels, here are two places you might want to consider. Both places are in Tokyo and are near to the train stations, in fact, the whole of Japan is connected through trains, and it’s really convenient to travel from one place to another),
  • There is also a Ghibli Museum in Mitaka and sadly I didn’t get to visit this heaven because we didn’t have enough time! But if you support and value the works of Ghibli, this is the place for you. (Tickets have to be bought early because they sell out fast!)
  • Also, for all Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) lovers out there, there is a theme park/exhibition based on AOT and they have life-sized, legit titans in there. It is open until May (if I’m not mistaken) so hurry up you wouldn’t want to miss it! It is located in the Universal Studios in Japan in Osaka (like Kyoto, it is about a 2-hour ride from Tokyo using the bullet train).

TIP: You can actually buy train passes in your local travel agencies that provide train services in Japan and redeem the passes in Japan itself (at Tokyo station to be exact!) This is to speed up your journey so you won’t have to keep buying tickets (it might take a lot time for foreigners because of language barrier) but with this pass, you can travel anywhere as long as it connects the same line and that it doesn’t expire.

I’m pretty sure I missed out like 500 other places but this is enough for a one-week trip! I admit, all this might cost a bit but the memories and experiences are definitely remembered forever. (Caution: I suggest you do some of your own research first instead of following my information here blindly). I hope you have a good day/night/evening wherever you are and stay safe.

Thank you and goodnight.